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We operate in a highly competitive market and so strive to offer exceptional service, quality products and value for money. As an independent retailer, we are not tied to any one manufacturer, enabling us to design and supply furniture from whichever supplier best suits our clients’ requirements and budget, ranging from MFC, laminate and vinyl products to painted vinyl, painted MDF, acrylic gloss, painted wood veneer or natural & solid woods. Over many years we have carefully selected and nurtured relationships with those manufacturers which provide quality products and value for money. As a family-run business, our clients always know exactly who they’re dealing with from design through to installation. We run mainly as a mobile business but have converted a few rooms in our home into living demonstrations, having no expensive showroom enables us to pass on real savings to our clients. Our philosophy is to focus on design excellence, beautiful furniture to enhance the home, a highly considered level of service & fantastic value for money.

Interiors, Exteriors and Accessories

It’s as important to consider the interior of your furniture as well as the exterior. Depending on the brand and the preferences, the carcass material can be MFC, MDF or wood veneer and the construction system can be ‘full’,  ‘front frame’ or a more basic  ‘panel interior’, the material, colour, finish and components, including the hinges and drawer runners can greatly affect quality and pricing. The premium ‘full’ carcass is more expensive than a ‘front frame’ option due to the simple fact that there are more vertical panels and products. Knobs/handles can dramatically change the look of furniture, so we offer an extensive range from which to choose and, although some ranges of furniture are automatically supplied with a particular style of knob or handle, it is possible for our installers to fit an alternative if required. Also available are interior mirrors, tie/belt racks, shoe trays, trouser racks & even coat hooks.

Bespoke versus Standard

Many companies use standard sized doors and carcasses, so are not producing truly bespoke furniture. If it is ‘made-to-measure’, ie constructed to any dimension and specification, negating the need for large infill panels to walls or the ceiling, it is classed as truly bespoke. For this flexibility and superior finish, there is a premium to pay and one that we will offer if your project requires and budget allows. In our experience though, clever use of standard sized units will be suffice for most projects.  For those needing an element of bespoke items, we can include these in our design along with standard products, to ensure the best value for money.

CAD Design

Sloped Wardrobes

The Design Process

To speed quotations and reduce costs, we often design using client supplied dimensions, plans and photos, alternatively, we offer a complimentary home visit within our catchment area, to take detailed measurements and discuss requirements. If you live outside of our area, we reserve the right to charge for a home visit but this will always be pre-agreed. The design presentation can be via ZOOM or in the comfort of your home, where we’ll go through the detailed floor plan and CAD visuals or 360′ panoramic view. Once the design is finalised, we’ll send a specification quotation. We invest a great deal of time creating considered designs with CAD visuals to offer our clients a realistic view of the furniture in their room setting so we reserve the right to charge for the supply of any presentation or CAD images, click here for details: T&C’s Section 4, but this is refunded once an order is placed.

Click the following links for examples:

Click here to view an example 360° Bedroom design

Click here to view an example 360° Angled Bedroom design

Click here to view an example 360° Bedroom Interiors

Click here to view an example 360° Dressing Room design – Single Finish

Click here to view an example 360° Dressing Room design – Mixed Finishes

Click here to view an example 360° Kitchen design – Handle-less

Click here to view an example 360° Kitchen design – Shaker

Click here to view an example 360° Home Office design

Alternative Suppliers

Sharpsoffer ‘front frame’ carcasses, whereby there are no side panels, back panels or tops to the inside as standard (ie the wall is visible) which can allow dust and moisture into the space and will be restrictive when decorating. The majority of their carcasses and doors are produced to a standard size and so are not truly ‘bespoke’. The cost of expensive High Street location showrooms, freelance designers, home surveyors, national advertising campaigns including television, brochures and national mail-outs, is passed on to the consumer in the product price. We offer a comprehensive Price Match Guarantee ensuring unbeatable value for money.

Market Leading Supplier we can match the high quality and up-to-date styling of the market leader by using ‘Hepplewhite Fitted Furniture’. We are also proud to offer a different level of service, leaning towards a more consultative involvement with our clients, whilst supplying a similar high quality furniture and 10-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Neville Johnson and Strachanwe can match their quality and style of furniture via one of our premium bespoke manufacturers but at substantially lower prices. When we carry out a home consultation we take detailed measurements, negating the need for a further visit by a ‘technical surveyor’ and so saving further costs.

Freelance Cabinet Makersgenerally these are highly-skilled craftsmen producing fine furniture from their own workshop. Expect to pay a premium over our prices for their quality, hand-made, bespoke cabinetry.

Freelance Carpentersusually one of the cheaper options and one which we do not attempt to match on price.  A local carpenter is unlikely to match our quality or extensive range of furniture styles and finishes. As they are unlikely to show brochures or produce CAD visuals of the proposed furniture design, you may not know exactly what the finished product will look like until it is installed.

B&Q, Wickes, Homebase, Howdens and IKEA our prices, although not always, will usually be competitive in comparison. They are less likely to offer a complimentary home consultation and measure appointment, the wide variety of products from manufacturers, the same level of personal service, attention to detail or design skills. In fairness, they’re aimed more at the Do-It-Yourself installation market or for contracting your own fitter. It may be stating the obvious but the ultimate responsibility for the finished installation is down to you and/or your chosen fitter.

Tom Howley, Poggenpohl, Bulthaup, Mark Wilkinson and Smallbonerepresent the very top end of the kitchen market and will undoubtedly be a great deal more expensive than us, although we can supply similar quality and construction if required. Our higher level of products will often match these retailers on quality but not expense.

High Street and Local Independent Retailerssuch as Magnet, John Lewis & Partners, John Lewis of Hungerford, Harvey Jones, KBS, Zona Cucina, In-toto, Ashfords, etc comprise the kitchen competitors most similar. We compete favourably, with truly competitive pricing and a high level of individual attention.

Discounts, Offers and Promotions

Periodically during the year, our suppliers promote special offers and discounts on some or all of their product ranges and we in turn pass these savings on to our clients. Such sale offers run for set periods of time and vary in scale of discounts. All of our quotations are detailed to ensure pricing transparency and we keep our clients informed of any promotional end dates to ensure they qualify for the savings.

Currently the industry is being adversely affected by raw material supply issues, including electronic components for appliances, as well as energy and transport cost increases. Recently, there has been an unprecedented increase in product costs but we are working closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to keep these increases to a minimum.

In Summary

As a family business with over 45 years of experience in the furniture trade, we are passionate about design and supply excellent value quality fitted furniture.

Our mobile service enables lower operating costs, reflected in our highly competitive prices. We don’t produce glossy brochures but instead offer simple pamphlets and electronic supplier brochures to showcase available products. We don’t spend money on heavy advertising; our business has been built on great reviews, repeat orders and referrals, and we utilise our website (built, maintained and updated in-house) to communicate with interested enquirers. Our experienced and dedicated fitters have been looking after our client installations for many years.

Our business success very much depends on recommendations from satisfied clients, and these must be earned. We are proud winners of the ‘Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom’ trade’s most prestigious award for ‘Customer Service’ and strive to consistently offer a high level of service on all our projects.