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Moda Bedroom Range

The Moda Bedroom Range takes fitted bedroom design to another level. If you have a passion for combining colours and finishes, then Moda Bedroom is the range for you. The ability to combine three textured carcass finishes with eleven stunning fascia finishes and colours will allow you to create a look that is totally unique and makes for truly individual bedrooms. Curved doors and split finish robe doors add further possibilities. The Moda experience is a unique one so indulge yourself, the possibilities are endless.

The Dark Pine finish can be taken to another level by the inclusion of split finish mirror and contrasting doors, for a sharp and contemporary look. The use of bedroom mirrors in the drawer units adds another element to a fitted bedroom that exudes quality.

The Light Pine finish allows for creativity with wall colours and wallpaper. It’s a lighter and more relaxed bedroom range. You can use a mixture of split panel wardrobe doors with a co-ordinating look on the drawers. Moda allows you to make these choices; it makes for truly individual bedrooms.

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